3LiveShop is a combined live online shop and customer service solution for the customers of the telecom operator 3. The users can interact with a real salesperson face to face online, while products, features and service plans are displayed dynamically by a stroke of the salesman’s fingertips. The power of having eye-contact as well as the possibility to show graphical content to the customer without loosing focus enables personal propositions and has led to strong increase in the conversation rate. 

The core experience is that you enter a video call with a salesperson who gives you guidance of products that would fit you. The salesperson can drag a product onto the screen, show its features such as different colors and monthly cost and then drag it into the shopping cart. All with a feeling of Minority Report.  

The machines were custom built – by Teenage Engineers – with parts from all over the world like touch screens, mirrors and high-end cameras. And the two front ends, for the salesperson and the customer were both connected to an existing e-commerce backend.

Approximate 10 machines where delivered to 3 the first year and other companies like Russian Sperbank also ordered a couple of machines that I re-skinned the interface to fit their brand and products.

More info of the product: www.liveshop.se

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