‘Impossible Field’ was one of the biggest Adidas PredatorPulse campaigns in 2005. This was the first campaign where adidas F50 and the Predator shoes was presented together. The TVC featured the English football striker David Beckham, Kaka, Ballack and other Adidas stars, playing football on a field of steel girders.  

The online campaign was fully integrated with the TVC story and the goal was to demonstrate the products superiority and the football players in a total new way.  

The solution became a highly interactive site that didn’t look like an “ad”. The story was presented as a comic book where the user could follow the combat of the football stars along the metallic rails. The user could also explore the features and unlock bonus material and games along the way. 

As Art Director I developed the digital concept and did all the designs and graphics. I also directed the football players to get the digital assets we needed during the still shoot that took place over seven days in a large studio in Madrid. And yes - I have met Beckham, Kaka, Ballack etc. :-)

My Role: art Director
web.AGENCY: foreign

AGENCY: 180 amsterdam
CLIENT: adidas