Together with Forsman & Bodenfors, B-reel designed and developed an interactive behind the scenes campaign, based on the viral movie The Chase directed by Oscar nominee Henry-Alex Rubin.

The Chase was part of the successful viral series for Volvo Trucks (including "The Epic Split by Jean-Claude Van Damme) in which the benefits of Volvo Trucks was demonstrated by conducting various tests. This time it was the smallest truck that was in focus, showing its maneuverability on the small winding streets of Ciudad de Rodrigo, a small Spanish village. This location was ideal to discover how the new Volvo FL would perform in a city environment. But there was a twist: the truck was chased by a herd of bulls!

The goal for B-reel was to create an extension of the viral movie, which would serve as a proof that the film was actually made for real. In a unique way, me and my team developed a concept where we could showcase unexpected angles from the Bull Run event and thereby pushed the envelope when it comes to engaging the users –  in the race itself but also for the new Volvo FL truck.

The Chase 360° was an interactive experience in which the user take control of 28 cameras to see more angles and to take part of exclusive behind the scenes footage – in short – an interactive behind the scenes experience deluxe.

In total, the user could seamlessly switch between 5 different video streams; 360°, Truck, Runners, Bulls & Octocopter and expand additional content at any given time.

My Role: Creative Director, UX


‪Eurobest: Gran Prix - Interactive
Eurobest: Silver - User Experience
Epica: Bronze - Automotive Interactive
Epica: Bronze - Branded Entertainment