In 2014 H&M teamed up with New York based designer, Alexander Wang, and B-reel teamed up with Sandberg&Timonen to create the digital campaign site: including an explosive interactive film experience for more than 50 different markets.

The mission was to create a digital experience that had the same feeling of style and functionality as the collection. The campaign site UI was set in a classic exclusive e-shop layout where each product is exclusively treated and presented in a full range of inspiration.

In close collaboration with Sandberg&Timonen and the film director duo Tell No One, we created an interactive film where the user could explore the products in detail, either as exquisite material close-ups or through the 360° sequences. Everything was influenced by the gaming world and had a strong built-in game mechanics.

The main shoot was set in London during the summer of 2014 and in addition to the main film where I directed a second unit to shoot the additional digital assets for all the interactive scenes.

MY ROLE: Creative Director, Director interactive assets, UX