The online gaming company Casumo has only one mission: to erase all boredom on our planet and in 2015 the sight was set on Finland. In an extensive boredom study, Casumo identified what things that made Finns bored and wanted to create a platform to make all boring things fun again. 

The mission was to build a fully integrated platform where they could present the result of the Boredom Study and encourage people to pursue its eradication. The outcome of the study was set to become an ongoing activity that continuously was updated with new striking facts on the platform (“tuhoatylssyss” means “erase boredom” in Finnish).    

The boredom study platform functioned as a centralized hub of the campaign. The platform was centered around one specific boredom fact that Casumo was fighting at the moment. The first boredom to fight was "Aquarium fishes" – cause over 48% of the Finns thought that the most boring pet. So we had to prove the Finns the opposite. On the contrary, an aquarium is full of fun daily conversations, drama and loads of surprises.

The objective and idea was to invite users to something they seldom can experience. We put a charismatic goldfish into a colorful aquarium. We gave him a voice and the people a front row seat to an unedited reality in a pimped Casumo aquarium. Captured through the eyes of a goldfish and presented to the users as a first person view experience. During a one day live event, people from all over Finland could dictate what they wanted the goldfish to say or think by sending funny scripts directly to the aquarium and using the hashtag #tuhoatylsyys.

The tweets were then in real time presented and improvised by the Finnish famous voice actor and imitator Jarkko Tamminen. By adding this layer of interaction between the goldfish and the audience we managed to emphasized a fun storytelling and leveraged social media spread, but also added engagement values to the experience.

To boost and strengthen the concept as well as the live-event, we also created banners and a number of spoof movies as well as a teaser film with the Goldfish and his friend. All optimal to share, due to the high level of entertainment!

My Role: Creative Director b-reel

client: casumo