Ogilvy Frankfurt wanted create a crowd sourced temperature gauge for their client O2 (german telecom operator), that measured the happiness level in Germany hour by hour and analys the data to change the result for the better.

To to this, B-reel created an ingenious Happiness search engine that constantly searched for keywords in different social channels and responded to certain happiness levels ranging from “ok” to “pure bliss”. This data was processed through carefully balanced algorithms to be able to accurately measure the state of mind in Germanys 10 biggest cities.

To visualize this raw data, I came came up with the concept of a "happiness tunnel" where all the tweets and images were picked up through the Happiness Engine an came alive as cheerful animated origami creations like birds, flowers, stars etc.

The user could stop the happiness flow at any time to take a closer look at every posts and see the full story. On top of this is a dynamic soundtrack that changes according to the happiness state of each city, making the visualization into a true vivid experience. As an additional feature we also added a history mode where the users could compare the happiness levels between the cities over time and to really see if the german people have became any happier.

Building this kind of dynamic world, able to express a vivid, yet exact range of states is of course quite tricky. All 3D objects inside the tunnel was created with scripted animations and actions in Flash 11 and Stage3D.

My Role: Art Director


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