Together with Lowe Brindfors we developed the digital campaign "Musikkollen" (The Music Check), that is a follow up of the Trygg Hansa “Försäkringskollen". This test was built responsively and enables you to analyze your Spotify music library to see how modern your music is.

To do the test, the user needed to log in with their Spotify account. In order to find out how up-to-date the user’s taste in music was, we started an extensive analysis of the user’s playlists by using Spotify's web API. The collected data was then processed through a carefully balanced algorithm to be able to accurately determine what year that was the most common among the user’s music.

Part of the personal analysis is also to defined what genre that was most common for that year. Technically, Spotify have approximately over 1,050 unique genres classifications – moreover, these genres are only applied to the artists and not to individual songs. So therefore, we needed to create our own genre groups and divide them into 10 global genres that were tailored specifically for this campaign.

The result of the user’s analysis was presented as a distinctive epic “album cover” and enabled a large variety of results ranging from the 1920s right up until today. All album covers had been carefully crafted, using characteristic graphic elements of album artwork from all decades and were all connected to the genre the users listen to the most. We created an amazing variety that resulted in over 700 album covers. Here are only a few of our favourites.

For each user’s analysed genre, Trygg Hansa provides the user with a fresh up to date Spotify playlist that suites the user’s musical preference. The user is also encouraged to see if his/her insurances was as up-to-date as his/her music.

My Role: Creative Director