The Lambi Soft Drop challenge was a mobile web-application that literally took the "Searching for softness" concept one step further. Now it was up to consumers to literally search for softness in their surroundings.

By using a their smartphone, users was encouraged to drop their phone on any surface they thought was as soft as a Lamb. The mobile web-app then analyzed the drop and provide a Soft Result (XX % Soft as a Lamb). To be part of the Soft Drop Challenge the users also had to take a photo of the drop-zone and submit the photo by using their Facebook account. 

All uploaded images was presented on Lambi’s Facebook page (and on the mobile campaign site) in a giant grid. Browsing through the photos the user could vote on their favourite one. However, in the end there was a jury that judged which contribution that was the winner based on softness %, image creativity and number of Likes.

My Role: Creative Director & Art Director b-reel

client: lambi