In 2011, Carlsberg was on a mission to unbottle the entire nation, the problem was, that nation was Sweden, supposedly one of the most reserved nations in the world. So, Carlsberg had to create a campaign called “Unbottle Yourself” an iPhone app that had 500 challenges to help get more out of people.

The app was open for people to start completing challenges, all 500 of them are required to become one of 10 finalists who have a chance to win the ultimate party in Hong Kong. Along the way the user could tick off “gold” challenges that have instant rewards (like iPad2′s) if they were  the first to complete them, submit the photo/video evidence, and have the Carlsberg social team approve your challenge.  

The project contained three steps; a Countdown version to push the competition before launch. The Competition itself and a Stand Alone version to allow people to continue to Unbottle themselves long after the competition is finished. On the website we presented the best accomplished missions during the competition as well as on a specially built YouTube Channel.

This project challenged us to push our imagination beyond its limits and needless to say it was probably been one of the most fun and interesting test phases ever.

My Role: Art Director


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